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Preventative Roof Maintenance in Albuquerque & Beyond

The best way to maximize the life of your roof and catch problems early on is to schedule routine roof maintenance with Superior Roofing of New Mexico. Our dedicated team of roofers provides professional routine maintenance services that help keep your residential or commercial roofing system in peak condition. For more information or to schedule your first maintenance visit, please reach out to our office today.

Roof Maintenance Services

About Our Roof Maintenance Plan

Superior Roofing of New Mexico will take the time to provide you with a custom maintenance plan that meets your specific needs. For a low fee, this plan will ensure that your roof is well taken care of, year after year. Part of our maintenance service features drone roof inspections. We will be able to closely inspect your roof with advanced technology that helps us provide cutting-edge maintenance services for your home or business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a roof maintenance plan worth the cost?

Generally speaking, yes, our roofing maintenance services tend to save our customers money. When we catch minor problems with a roof, which happens more often than you may expect, we can prevent costlier issues and greatly maximize the lifespan of your entire roofing system.

Do I need to be home during my roof maintenance visit?

Nope! We can take care of your roofing maintenance appointment completely contact-free. It is rarely necessary for someone to be on-site for us to perform our work.

Does my roof need a maintenance plan if it’s only a few years old?

It’s always a good time to sign up for preventative roof maintenance. Although new roofs should last 15-20 years or more, depending on the material used, problems can happen anytime. We highly recommend signing up now.

Schedule Your Free Inspection & Estimate Today!

We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for your roof maintenance plan with no obligation to sign up. Please call Superior Roofing of New Mexico today at (505) 308-3756 or use the convenient online form to send us a message!

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Roof Inspection
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Roof Repair
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